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International agtech companies come to Saskatoon, hosted by Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership

International ag-tech companies come to Saskatoon, hosted by Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership

Saskatoon, SK: This summer, the Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP) is hosting ag-technology companies from Italy, Slovakia, Brazil, United Kingdom and Sweden, to take part in its Navigate program.

Navigate is organized by GAAP and supported by Ag-West Bio. The program seeks out cutting-edge technologies from around the world that align with Canadian agriculture.

The companies will be spending time with GAAP – and the extended GAAP family across Canada and the US – to explore how growers can achieve a greater level of efficiency, sustainability, and profitability through innovation adoption.

GAAP is ecstatic to have these five innovative companies join us for the summer (please see company names and descriptions below).

Jay Robinson, GAAP CEO, says “These recent additions to the GAAP family demonstrates our international reach. These companies have already achieved great things in their home jurisdictions, having demonstrated the impact their solutions can have on the farm at scale. Bringing them to Canada is a win for them and for our local farmers.”

Participants will have the opportunity to engage with industry members, researchers, farmers, and collaborators. While here, they will be provided concierge meetings and guided tours of local agriculture facilities and farms, along with exploring how they can fit into Canada’s agriculture ecosystem.

Join us at Ag in Motion in the FCC / FAC tent at booth AG30, to meet with the companies or attend the Sprouting Success: Ag Innovation in Canada and Around the World, an afternoon networking event on July 18th co-hosted by Ag-West Bio and Affinity Credit Union and supported by GAAP. Our guest MC is Shaun Haney of RealAgriculture.

About the companies:

Biocentis leverages CRISPR-based technologies that are biological, environmentally friendly, and can be tailored to obtain levels of control that are suitable for a broad range of applications. Building on a unique proprietary technological platform, invented by our founders at Imperial College London and applicable to all insect species, Biocentis aims to re-imagine the future of biocontrol. Federico Guelpa will be joining us from Italy.

Dyneval technology provides an easy-to-use, automated and portable instrument for semen analysis. It offers the most reproducible motility measurements and works for any concentration of semen above (lower than sex-sorted semen concentrations). Tiffany Wood will be joining us from the United Kingdom.

Irriot has developed an IoT wireless irrigation solution, which addresses the issues of mobility and affordability for customers. Our solar powered watering stations are environmentally friendly and maintenance free. We have a full scale industrial irrigation controller, including access to IoT cloud for controller, intelligence, alarms and weather forecast trough mobile and web apps. Alexander Palin will be joining us from Sweden.\

Tarvos use automatic traps and artificial intelligence to monitor and identify agricultural pests in real time, assisting in the efficient and sustainable application of chemical and biological inputs according to the needs of each crop. Andrei Grespan will be joining us from Brazil.

Vitiport uses of marking pheromones as a safe and affordable approach to pest management. Martina Drobna and Roman Korbacka will be joining us from Slovakia.

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