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Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP) Hires Scientific Liaison and Programs Coordinator

Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP) Hires Scientific Liaison and Programs Coordinator

June 2024

Saskatoon, Sk: Saskatchewan's Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP) is excited announce the hiring ofAlejandra Castillo Toro as the new Scientific Liaison and Programs Coordinator

Alejandra shares, "I am a Colombian industrial microbiology professional. I will soon graduate from the University of Saskatchewan with a Master of Science in Health Sciences.

During my training as a microbiologist, I learned about the diverse properties of microbes and their potential applications in process improvement and new product development. This experience fueled my passion for scientific research. Early in my career, I was encouraged to join a research laboratory and lead an undergraduate research group on the biodegradation of plastic pollutants. I also had the opportunity to author and co-author scientific articles.

I was privileged to work with highly accomplished researchers in Colombia and Canada who inspired me with their dedication and passion for science.

Despite the inherent excitement of research, I have always been interested in working closely with industry, particularly with companies dedicated to bridging the gap between research and industry. I believe that Canada is an ideal environment for research, innovation, and industry to work together to create something truly remarkable. This is why I moved to Canada two years ago. I am impressed by the number of companies and industry-based businesses in Saskatoon. It is an environment with many opportunities for growth."

We are very excited to have Alejandra joining the GAAP team! She will be a great addition, bringing a diverse skill set to fill this role. She will be spearheading the organizations advancements in precision fermentation both internally and with industry partners.

GAAPs CEO, Jay Robinson says, "As GAAP continues to grow, we are thrilled to welcome Alejandra, who brings an extensive skillset in microbiology, to support our portfolio companies and collaborators."

Alejandra comments, "Working for GAAP is very exciting because it brings together all these amazing ag and food innovation companies and connects them with all the key players in Saskatoon. GAAP is making a real effort to bridge the gap between innovation and research, and provides the perfect environment for growth and connection. I am excited to see what innovative solutions GAAP will create. When I’m not at work I go to the river, and I jump into a Kayak, and I love cats “ 

As Alejandra is settling into her new position she will be looking to meet with local industry. Please email to connect.

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