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Sprouting Success: The Miracles of Incremental Progress

On June 12, 2024 Sprouting Success: The Miracles of Incremental Progress presented by Affinity Credit UnionAg-West Bio and supported by GAAP was held at The Office Bar and Grill in Carlyle, Saskatchewan. The night consisted of a presentation from Jake Leguee

Jake spoke about the positive impact of agriculture with farmers adopting technology. He says sometimes farmers don't even notice how much progress has been made because it is incremental; and farmers do what is best for their business - which typically turns out to be what increases sustainability. For example: Saskatchewan agriculture captures an enormous amount of #carbon, thanks to no-till production practices.

Jake is a third-generation farmer from Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, where he, along with several family members, grows a variety of crops. Jake and his wife, Stephanie, have three young sons. Passionate about advocating for the agricultural industry, Jake writes regularly in his popular blog, A Year in the Life of a Farmer, and has been a speaker at several events.

Jake, along with the farm’s management team, was selected as Saskatchewan’s Outstanding Young Farmer in 2023. Jake is currently chair of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission and the Canadian Wheat Research Coalition. In 2019, he travelled to several countries promoting Canadian durum. He is a member of Bayer’s global farmer advisory council, which has a goal of improving farm policy at the United Nations level. In 2017, he joined the Global Farmer Network, which he continues to be an active participant in to this day. Jake is optimistic about the agricultural industry and believes its future is very bright.

Sprouting Success Series is an event for Saskatchewan producers to get together to discuss real farm challenges, share knowledge, talk about ground-breaking solutions and collaborate to reduce barriers to adopting innovation.

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