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Connect with us if ...

You are an innovative, early-stage technology that is past the proof of concept phase.


You have at least two full-time, dedicated staff members or founders solely focused on the company.


You are an incorporated company with the ability to benefit from GAAP's complete investment package beyond solely capital injection.


Your technology fits the description of a "tangible innovation" that you can physically touch see and feel, and it's value proposition goes beyond that of strictly being digital.

Connect to see if working
with the GAAP is right for you!

GAAP is best able to support companies that have achieved the following:

FYI.  Your pitch deck needs to include:

  • How much capital raised (capital table and shareholders)

  • Corporate structure

  • Jurisdiction of incorporation 

  • Market traction

  • Milestones you have reached

  • How much money you want to raise

  • Stage of tech

  • Path to market 

  • Team

  • Patents

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Thank you for your submission! We will reach out if we are interested.

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