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GAAP is extremely excited to be working with these participant companies.


Federico Guelpa, Head of Strategy


"GAAP gave me the chance to meet with producers in person and learn what the big problems are here in Saskatchewan. We were also able to see and meet with different research facilities, entomologists, and the canola, wheat, and barley associations. These network connections showed me the research capabilities that offered in Saskatchewan."


(left to right) Michelle Demers, Head of Science, and Lewis Collins, CEO


"Thanks to GAAP, BioScout has been given the chance to explore opportunities for bringing our new technology to the Canadian agriculture sector. The wonderful team at GAAP has provided us with plenty of support such as connections to growers and organizations, and assistance navigating grants, helping us to maximize our opportunity for moving into this market."


(left to right) Edwin Nichols, Head of Sales and Support, Jack Wrangham, Co-Founder, Hugh Wrangham, Co-Founder, and Rob Ord, Agronomist


"GAAP has really helped with connecting us at Drone Ag with key players in the industry as well as producers and agricultural service providers. We also got to see some of our early adopters whilst in Saskatoon, Sk and it was very useful hearing their feedback."


Tiffany Wood, Co-Founder and CEO


"GAAP gave me the opportunity through a very immersive experience to meet people who are in the breeding industry and really understand more about how it works in Canada and explore how our technology can be useful to them."


Alex Palin, Co-Founder


"GAAP was able to help me find relevant people to meet with in this market. The program was prepared for us to get to know the province, what kind of business is valuable here, what farmers are doing and what their challenges are. We were able to experience different perspectives from different angles and different types of businesses and how it works here. And I think it's very specific and quite unique for the area."


Darren Wolchyn, Founder and CEO


Smart Paddock is an Australian company developing smart ear tags for the livestock industry that provides real-time information about the health and geo-location of all the individual cows in the herd.  The device, dubbed the Bluebell, attaches securely onto the ear of each animal, and monitors the animal’s temperature, behavior, and geo-location/mobility, which the farmer can easily read from a web dashboard or mobile phone app.


Andrei Grespan, Co-Founder and CEO


"GAAP gave me the chance to learn the cultural side of Canada, learning from the locals and meeting with farmers. I was able to make good connections and I see Canada as the preferable country to expand our business into."


(left to right) Roman Korbacka and Martina Drobna, Co-Founders and Managing Partners


"GAAP showed us how closely knit and supportive the company and the ecosystem are here in Canada. It can be difficult for a start-up, and it was a great help to see all the different parts of the agriculture ecosystem. We are considering Canada as an access point to this market, and we are definitely thinking about expanding here after going through the Navigate program."

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