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Be part of a world where
ag and food production thrive.

At GAAP we see that companies around the world are solving similar issues to ones in North America. Rather than try to rebuild it here, we want to expand these companies to North America and put their innovations to the test.


We work with farms across North America to identify challenges and propose the most promising solutions. 

We find technology from around the world that solves everyday farm and food problems.

We pay farmers to put innovations these to the test.  This will be paid by acre or animal, etc. This is a farm led validation program, you choose which product you would like to try.


The item will be used on a portion of the farm to test how it works with our soil, weather, farm practices, etc compared to the country it was developed in.

How It Works

Farmers are contracted to commit a portion of their production to validation projects ie 80-100 acres of land, 100 head of livestock etc. 


GAAP suggests vetted technologies that may offer relevant solutions to on-farm challenges the producer has identified. 


Producers select the technologies they are interested in testing through a validation project, all participation is voluntary.


Farm operations continue as usual, with the implementation of the selected technology on the committed portion of land/herd.


Producers are supported by the GAAP team and the technology developers for support as needed.


Producer feedback and data is collected through the growing season.


Producers are paid for their participation once the final feedback and data are submitted.

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