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Dyneval - Back in Sask

In November 2023, Dyneval ’s CEO Tiffany Wood and CSO Dr. Vincent Martinez travelled out to Saskatchewan sponsored by the Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership to strengthen their relationships in the area following participation in GAAP’s Navigate program during July 2023.

As a finalist for the Agri-tech Animal Innovation award, Dyneval had a booth at Canadian Western Agribition, the largest event for beef producers in Western Canada, to exhibit the Dynescan, the Dynescan, a portable automated technology for analyzing semen quality. One producer was delighted to have the opportunity to put a $300CAD straw of semen, bought at auction, through the Dynescan to provide him with confidence that the semen was of sufficient quality before using the straw to ‘flush’ cows (meaning fertilise oocytes in cows).   Tiffany and Vincent were impressed that producers in Canada are open to new technologies and enjoyed being panelists at the Beef Innovators Breakfast organised by AgWest Bio, IRAP and Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association which provided a great opportunity to listen to producers and understand their biggest pain points.   While in Regina, Dyneval enjoyed the opportunity to visit Bow Valley Genetics learning more about options available to producers to accelerate genetic gain.

During the second week, Dyneval was hosted in the labs and offices of GAAP providing the required tools and space needed to refurbish 4 devices that had been on trial in Canada without having to deal with cross-border deliveries.   A new sample holder for the Dynescan was test-printed with GAAP’s MakerBot 3D printer which provided assurance that GAAP could help produce bespoke sample holders for Canadian customers, if required.

Vincent and Tiffany had the opportunity to share the new insights that can be generated through Dynescan’s semen motility lifetime measurements to bovine reproduction expert, Colin Palmer, Associate Professor of the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, at the University of Saskatchewan.   During the trip, Dyneval also had the opportunity to visit a local swine genetics company and a large farm animal veterinary practice and enjoyed learning about new ways in which Dyneval’s unique semen motility lifetime analysis can be used to help potential customers to make decisions to improve their products and services.

The GAAP team was pleased to host Dyneval for their return trip to Saskatchewan. It has been exciting to see local connections made during the Navigate program develop into promising opportunities. We can’t wait to see what’s next for them!

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