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Drone Ag Receives Strategic Investment from Agrii, Paving the Way for Future Innovations in Ag

April 27, 2023

What an exciting time for Drone Ag! They have received an equity investment from Agri, one of the world's leading agriculture companies. With an investment like this Drone Ag can further develop their specialized drone automation to provide real-time crop analysis and recommendations to farmers. With software like Skippy Scout, they are able to help farmers make informed decisions about their operations.

"This collaboration opens doors to enhanced precision agriculture services and the ability to deliver even greater value to customers. The investment serves as validation of Drone Ag's innovative approach and positions the company as a key player in the industry." Edwin Nichols, Drone Lead

The investment from Agrii is a significant stepping stone towards a future where precision agriculture is seamlessly integrated into farming practices for more productive and efficient food production. With Agrii's support, Drone Ag can accelerate the development of its platform and expand its reach in the agricultural market. This partnership paves the way for the creation of innovative solutions that maximize crop yields, improve operational efficiency, and drive sustainable practices.

"The strategic investment from Agrii represents a significant milestone for Drone Ag, propelling the company towards new horizons in precision agriculture. With Agrii's backing, Drone Ag can accelerate technological advancements, expand its team, and deliver even greater value to farmers worldwide. Together, they can truly transform the agricultural landscape, driving sustainable practices, maximizing yields, and shaping a future where technology plays a pivotal role in nurturing our planet and feeding the growing population." Nichols

The GAAP team is extremely proud of the Drone Ag team and everything they have accomplished. As they were a participant of our 2022 Navigate program, we are excited to see them grow! Congratulations on your new partnership.

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