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GAAP is a privately run and operated agri-food investment incubator looking for cutting-edge technologies from early and rapid-growth companies seeking to improve efficiency, sustainability and profitability within the global agriculture and food sector.

GAAP believes in supporting companies to deliver tangible innovations that we can get into the hands of stakeholders.

We are bold solution
, close to the farm, working to understand producer's needs.

We aim to bring solutions to all global participants resulting in a vibrant

agri-food industry. 

We are a family of collaborators, mentors and advisors that cohesively strive for a better agri-food future.

GAAP Advantage

Access equity investment of up to
$2 million


Long-term incubation in our state-of-the-art facilities

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The 2023 GAAP Agri-food Technology Ecosystem Introduction Program, NAVIGATE, provides best-in-class novel Food Technology companies with the opportunity to participate in the GAAP incubator program and explore their company's expansion potential into the North American Marketplace and their fit within the ecosystem. Successful applicants will receive reimbursement for eligible travel and accommodation costs while participating in the program.


Through NAVIGATE, the Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP) and Ag-West Bio have partnered to showcase the local region to global markets, attracting international start-ups that have created an innovative technology to solve on-farm challenges.

Navigate your expansion to North America with our unique incubation model and focus on tangible technologies.

Deadline to apply to August 3, 2023

Companies selected to participate in the program receive the following benefits:

  • Travel and accommodations while enrolled in the GAAP incubator, at the sole discretion of GAAP. *preapproved

  • Opportunity to participate in GAAP incubator.

  • The program offers flexible participation timeframes, inviting technologies for the agriculture sector September-November 2023, with required event participation Oct 22-30, 2023. 

  • Opportunity to showcase their technology to the North American agri-food and agriculture industries.

  • Opportunity to showcase their technology at a sector-relevant trade show.

  • Networking with industry leaders and exploration of business opportunities across North America.

Companies eligible to participate in NAVIGATE must:

  • Have a tangible technology applicable to the Canadian food-ingredient industry

  • Be applying as a fully incorporated for-profit legal entity

  • Have no less than 3 full-time employees, one of which must be technical

  • Have issued or pending IP

  • Be past the proof-of-concept phase with a demonstrable product or prototype

  • Have near-term capacity to consider expanding business operations to Saskatchewan

  • Agree to provide a current criminal record check from the territory of residence if selected to receive the Prize.

  • Agree to submit post-program evaluation metrics

  • Be over the age of 19.

Your pitch deck must include:

  • Company name

  • Date of incorporation

  • Registered location

  • Company overview

  • Team (background and track record)

  • Technology and process overview

  • Stage of development

  • IP position

  • Relevance to Saskatchewan

  • Market assessment (size, competition, differentiation)

  • Capital raised to date

  • Agree to provide a current criminal record check if selected to participate

  • Agree to submit program impact metrics until March 31, 2025

Areas of Interest

If you are looking for investment, GAAP may be the right fit for you

Sponsorship opportunities available.  Please contact us to find out more.

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