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A Bit About Drone Ag

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Edwin Nichols, Drone Ag's Head of Sales & Support, at the GAAP offices in 2022

Drone Ag was first started in 2015 and our main aim was to provide more data to farmers through the use of drones. However in 2017 we decided to create our own software known as Skippy Scout. We found that previous technologies were not quite cutting it for the agriculture sector and that there was a gap in the market for easy to use, high detail drone reports.

Skippy scout is perfect for Canada due to its vast fields and Skippy's ability to gather information at far away points at literally the click of a button. This would allow Canadian farmers to have information from areas of the field that aren't as regularly visited. We then applied to GAAP so that they could help us with industry links and strong connections throughout the sector but also for links to investment opportunities.

We managed to achieve a lot of interest on both the investment side of the Canadian market but also the producer/grower side as well thanks to GAAP and their connections. I don't think this would have been possible without the GAAP support.

Another benefit of the GAAP program were the connections we made from within. The other companies that were also on the program were very beneficial to speak too and we hopefully have some plans down the line to work together. Drone Ag are excited to come back to Canada soon as it's a very fruitful Ag market with a lot of forward thinking growers which are starting to look towards tech services.


written by Edwin Nichols, Head of Sales & Support, with Drone Ag.

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