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Navigate: Day One on Farm

The first day of Navigate was a huge success!

The participants had a casual morning of introductions and tours of Innovation Place.

The Kick-Off Lunch consisted of Jay Robinson and Lewis Collins of BioScouthaving a fireside chat about why BioScout chose GAAP and Canada.

It was followed by the five Navigate participants giving a presentation on their companies and why they are excited to be a part of the program. The room was filled with industry experts, researchers, collaborators and agricultural experts. we are excited for these companies to see the Saskatchewan Agriculture ecosystem! Thank you to everyone who came out on a beautiful July Monday to hear from our participants.

The day ended with everyone heading to the Saskatoon Gun Club for an evening of fun and seeing who has the best shooting skills! (I think it was Andrei Grespan or maybe the captain of the mens shooting team Edwin Nichols!)

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