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Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP) brings together Proxima Research and Development and Dyneval

Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP) brings together Microbial Genetics Supplier Proxima Research and Development and new characterisation capability from Dyneval

June 2024

Saskatoon, Sk: Saskatchewan's Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP) is excited to share a collaboration between Proxima Research and Development Ltd. (Proxima) and Navigate participant Dyneval.

Through the fusion of microbiology, genetics, and analytical chemistry, Proxima has developed proprietary technology to efficiently  isolate, characterize, and engineer microbes for applications in agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and bioproducts. Proxima’s technical expertise and investment in developing novel microbial genetics allows them to offer unique microbiology-based solutions to their clients. Proxima maintains an active program of targeted isolation of relevant organisms from suitable environmental sources to generate novel and unique microbial genetics and combines them with capabilities for efficient genotyping and genetic manipulation. With their analytical, high-throughput, fermentation, and screening expertise and capabilities, Proxima can efficiently dettermine microbial performance under industry-relevant and project-specific conditions.

Dyneval has developed and installed algorithms on the Dynescan instrument for cell counting, size characterisation, and motility measurement that will provide new and insightful data for Proxima’s research programs and customers. Dynescan was introduced to the veterinary market in 2022 becoming the first semen analyzer capable of measuring the lifetime of semen in conditions similar to the reproductive tract, revealing new data insights into the metabolic health of cells.  Patented by physicists, Dynescan is versatile and can be used to characterise the dynamics of small particles and microorganisms such as yeast, bacteria and algae.

With GAAPs recent investment into Proxima Research and Development, we are excited to share a collaboration between Navigate participant Dyneval and Proxima. The collaboration began when Dynevals’ CEO Tiffany Wood was here in July for the Navigate program and was able to meet Proxima’s CEO Zachery Belak and CSO Iain Wallace where they shared their love of microbes!

 Dyneval and Proxima entered into a customer agreement for Proxima to  use the Dynescan in their microbiology services and research , providing Proxima with another innovative tool for characterization of novel yeast and bacteria.

During a return visit in November sponsored by the GAAP, Dyneval’s CSO Dr. Vincent Martinez met Proxima CEO Zach. As a result of this meeting, Dyneval has developed and installed algorithms on the Dynescan instrument for cell counting, size measurement, and motility that will provide new and insightful data for Proxima’s research programs and customers.

Email to find out more about Proxima Research and Development’s innovative products and services for microbial genetics.

If you are interested in a demonstration of how the Dynescan works, please reach out to to set up a time to view.

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